Tuesday, December 4, 2012

DIY Toothpaste!

This first post falls under the "and such" part of this section. =) A while back I was wondering about dish soap. Is it really effective? Necessary? How does it work? So....I did some research on soap! There was a good bit of the sciencey stuff I didn't understand, but I got to know and understand how soap works and I also learned about the nasty chemicals that are in it. :-/ That led me to thinking about other things that my family and I use, so I started doing research.

I do not like things that don't taste good right away and I'm pathetic about trying new stuff, but I was motivated to switch over from buying toothpaste, to making my own. I took a few weeks to get myself all excited about it and find the "perfect" recipe to try. My kids had such fun helping me make it! When it came time to actually try it.....there was a lot of looks. =D I braved up and tried it first. When I didn't keel over they tried it too...and loved it!! I had told the kids that were were going to use this homemade toothpaste for two weeks and then make our decision on if we could stand using it or not. By day three, we were all sold. (I haven't quite convinced my husband to switch over yet, but I'm sure he will come around. =D )

I follow the Homesteading Survivalism page on Facebook and they posted a toothpaste recipe that was simple, I already had the ingredients for, and it actually sounded like I might be able to use it without gagging. :)

3 tablespoons Coconut Oil
3 tablespoons Baking Soda
25 Drops Peppermint Oil*
1 Packet Stevia
2 teaspoons Vegetable Glycerine

Mash Together Coconut Oil & Baking Soda. Mix in all other ingredients to form a paste. Store in a jar and dip in your brush when you want to use it.

*we used the 25 drops it called for, tried it out and kinda gagged....so we added more peppermint oil and it was great after that. :)

I got the travel size lotion bottles to store it in. Its kinda.....hmm....not very appealing to redip your toothbrush in every time and after others (although thats what we are doing at the moment), so I'm going to get different colors and label them, so each person has their own. I was hoping it would kinda squeeze out, but it doesn't. The kids have fun sticking their toothbrushes in, so its all good. =)